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Semi Permanent Makeup

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How would you like to wake up every morning with perfect makeup?

Its amazing to get through the day without having to re-apply your lip liner or fix a smudged eyeliner.

With our fully trained and qualified Semi Permanent Makeup Consultants you can achieve a long lasting natural look that enhances your appearance and leaves you with that beautifully perfect look every day!

Semi permanent makeup is perfect for everyone from a busy working mum to a high flying executive.

Camouflage for Scars

Semi permanent make up is a great solution for scars.  Skin coloured pigments are implanted into the scarred area and helps minimize the visibility of scars, marks and even freckles which appear near the brow or lip area.

The treatment for you

So if you are looking to save time, look youthful, have perfect makeup everyday or simply wish to disguise a blemish or scar, semi permanent makeup makes the perfect choice.

Why not call today and asks about the treatments available.


Any follow up treatment within 3 months get 40% off prices.

All treatment charges include consultation.

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